Art University Of Isfahan
Admission and Study
Admission Requirements at Art University of Isfahan (AUI)

AUI welcomes all interested students from all over the world. There are some factors that should be taken into consideration by dear applicants while applying for AUI Courses.

Applicant should personally submit his/her educational records before the application deadline, including previous degree academic records and certificate(sealed and signed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of his country), course transcription, a letter of request including the purpose of study, the degree and the major. In addition the picture of passport and a personal photo and filled general application form is needed.

-Some departments may need additional requirements such as the picture of art works.
-Applicants who wants to take part in Persian courses should hold a Persian language certificate from one of the Persian language official centers in Iran.
- For Ph.D. applicants the research area, reference letters, supervisor availability, funding availability and etc. should be noted.


Applying for a Bachelor´s Degree
Holding a secondary high school certificate or diploma
Applying for a Master´s Degree
Holding a B.Sc. degree from an accredited institution
Applying for a PhD Degree
Holding a M.Sc. degree from an accredited institution


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