Art University Of Isfahan
Faculty of Research Excellence in Art and Entrepreneurship

Through the Arts Entrepreneurship, students will be able to develop entrepreneurial and managerial skills necessary to succeed as creative individuals in the increasingly complex economic environment of contemporary art-making. Students will attain business acumen and expertise necessary to operate arts and cultural institutions in the specific role of arts administrator. They will exhibit the critical and creative skills needed by policy makers and the knowledge of varied cultural, social, and economic realities impacting contemporary art disciplines, creative sector collaborations, and the role of art in society.
On the bases of Iranian Comprehensive Scientific map, the Iranian 5th five year plan in higher education development and the 1404 (2025) National Horizon Documents, shifting universities towards entrepreneurship universities has become the key factor in national development. Due to this fact; Art University of Isfahan started the studies of establishing the School of Art Entrepreneurship in 2010 and finally the first group of graduate students were accepted in 2012 in 4 majors of Cultural Entrepreneurship, Art Economics, Tourism, Museums Studies and Urban Economics.
The two departments of Art Theory and research and Islamic Art are among the leading academic centers in Iran applying contemporary and scholarly theories and methodologies. To name a few, clusters of students are working on historical and contemporary topics in Iranian, Islamic and Global art with a focus on Mythology, Anthropology of Art, Iconography and Iconology, Phenomenology, Post-structural theories such as Discourse Analysis, Inter-textually, and other trends in contemporary theory and analysis. On the other hand Traditionalism and Islamic interpretation of traditional art is applied in the Islamic Art department, especially in the graduate level. Islamic philosophy, theosophy, mysticism and Sufism are areas of interest to students who are searching for the sacred in art and traditional culture. Thus the aesthetics, and art analysis and criticism in Art of Religions and Civilizations school are of multi-disciplines. The research areas of graduate students cover various fields from Cinema, to Visual Arts. The school research framework is both Art Based Research and Practice-Led Research; which mainly is applied in the Islamic Art Department. Also seminars, workshops and national conferences are a part of the schools objectives and programs to produce interdisciplinary knowledge in the fields of creative and traditional art.
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