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Conservation of historical monuments

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Conservation of historical monuments

Conservation of historical object

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Art conservation is an exciting and challenging multidisciplinary field that involves the examination, interpretation, analysis and treatment of cultural, historic and artistic objects. Professional conservators rely on their knowledge of both the humanities and the sciences in order to understand the creation and production of material culture in the past and present and to ensure its preservation for future generations. The Conservation group of Art University of Isfahan has been the first educational institution in this field since 1977.
The main objective of this school was to educate and train professionals for the conservation and reconstruction of cultural and historical artifacts and monuments in order to preserve the treasures of Iranian culture scientifically and fundamentally.
The School is located in two historical Armenian houses of David and Sukias in the old neighborhood of Jolfa in Isfahan. The School has a specialized library, Photo Lab, X-Ray Lab, Metallographic Lab, Chemical Lab, and the conservation workshops of: painting, metal, paper, textile, glass, ceramics, wood, Ivory and bone.
Department of Archaeology
Since its establishment in research and academic activities, the Institute of Archaeology has been active in various excavations in numerous sites. It has also played an important role in training a great number of students and researchers and has facilitated the promotion of this field in postgraduate level as well as PhD in three main focuses, as Prehistoric, Historic and Islamic orientation.
Department of Archaeometry
Main purpose of the program is to qualify the postgraduates toward bringing solutions to the archaeological problems by the application of scientific methods of natural and applied sciences. This department focuses on two main area of research, such as organic and inorganic materials. The study and understanding of history have acquired a new dimension through the collaboration between pure scientists and archaeologists. Thus, the analysis, identification, characterization and dating of archaeological remains and materials have become complete.
Archaeometrical studies help to provide a universal chronology, origin of production and production technology of artifacts, concentrated on the questions on where artifacts were made, how they were made and what they were used for. Archaeometrical studies also provide information on past landscapes, climates, flora and fauna as well as on man himself, information about the locations both of archaeological sites themselves and of buried features within these sites, information for full site evaluation prior to any planning application, information for decay processes as well as precautionary conservation.
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