Art University Of Isfahan
Faculty of Visual Arts
The interdisciplinary program of the School integrates theory and practice. The aim is to enhance the students in various fields of fine arts. The students are expected to go through the phases of research, recognition, experience, and production of original works of art. They are continuously encouraged to develop their own artistic and critical formation.
In School programs and courses, students experiment with various fields of arts such as painting, printmaking, photography, carpet design, and handicrafts and are encouraged to conceive and produce creative original works and modes of thought.
The School of Visual Arts of the Art University of Isfahan started with the independence of the college in 1990. It first started with two majors of Painting and Handicrafts. In 1997 the major of Carpet was added and in 2006 Graphics design and Photography were established in the University.Currently this faculty is located in the French School in Jolfa.
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