Art University Of Isfahan
Safavid Isfahan in Germany
The museum of Islamic Art in Berlin and it’s role today
Lecture: Prof. Stefan Weber
The lecture holds by Prof. Dr. Stefan Weber from the Islamic section of the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. The main focuses of the talk have considered the different aspect of Islamic objects of Art which are kept in the Islamic Museum of Art in Pergamon. The discussion considered also the different stylistic phases of Islamic art and Islamic history.
Its collections of artistic works are especially gorgeous in objects as well as architectural context, dating from the mid-8th century. It is the leading artefact of Islamic Art in any museum wide-reaching. The collection also has a large number of important Persian carpets and bibliographical works of art, including painting, miniatures, glaze, ceramics, metal and etc.
The museum houses important collections of archival items on Islamic art and architecture, furthermore a worldwide exceptional library focused on art, architecture and archaeology in the world of Islam. 
The talk was planned for all students and staff at the department of Conservation of the Art University of Isfahan.  The topics would be of interest of many scientists who are interested for further cooperation between both institutions in the future
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